Endor Rebel Soldier
(built November 2005 - September 2006)

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During our dinner evening in November 2005 Thomas Riedel spoke about a costume project, which went since a long time already through his mind.

ENDOR REBEL SOLDIER - that were his words. So, the foundation-stone for a special costume project from the Star Wars universe was placed. Especially, because here in Germany no parts are available for purchase. Darth Vader, Jedi, Stormtrooper, X-Wing can see everywhere - however, only a few begin the ENDOR REBEL SOLDIER costume.It was fast clear for us that we have to make the project to 100% by ourselves - and straight that woke the enthusiasm in us. Ten complete costumes stood on the building order. A long dinner evening with numerous discussions was approaching for us. But at the conclusion we had already two working groups and a finish date.

The working group in Nuernberg under Thomas Riedel, Thomas Jantschke, Wladimir Blanar and Daniel Schollerer was responsible for the special blaster rifle, rifle suit-case, mines, puttees, cap and helmet ring.

The outpost Burgkunstadt under Lothar Werner was responsible for the textiles (trousers, jackets, shirts, gloves) as well as for the belt inclusive shoes and the bandoleers.

To the Media Markt event February 18, 2006 we wanted to get in any case one costume completely - to the German Model Masters at the end of May 2006 should follow the remainder.

Thus a project of the unusual kind took its beginning!


© Lothar Werner 2006 / Translation Claudia Riedel

Over the years we modified the costume more and more until it matched the standards of the international costuming club Rebel Legion.