Gratulations! You found the Rebel Trooper Arsenal! A warm welcome!

For our fanfilm project, I built several of these costumes. As the principal shooting is now finished, I want to sell these costumes in single parts or complete sets.
Please send me a mail and ask me what is still available: 






So called weapons like rifles, blasters, explosive charges and grenades are items, which are not according to any terrestrial brands of weapons. They are made of wood and plastic and have no functions.
Nevertheless, it is the duty of the customers in their own interest to carry these items with prudence!
So, recommended are pure private events or events in seperated rooms, not connected with public traffic, pedestrians, etc. Events, where a sign at the gate to the event place warns about the displayed "so-called-weapons".
Carrying the items on public streets is not recommended and will maybe be pursued by the police.                                             
I don´t
take any responsibility for the carrying of these items and therefore resulting juristic consequences.


T. Riedel, 90571 Schwaig, Germany