R2-D2 Workshop
Section I - Basic structure
(July 2004 - ?)



We have a plan, but it´s still hard!

Every saga (sawing) has a beginning...

The both maindiscs are sawed out (all for two Artoos of course).

Mounted with the side-Centre-leg housing and centre-leg are ready.
parts Now the making of the centre-foot starts.

They called him Darth Abrater with light-
ly ready centre-foot housing.

Now, you slowly see something! Main-housing with centre-foot (and roller).

Now, the centre-legs have also the half diameters. Centre-leg is already spray-surfaced a
little bit.

The work at the first outer-foot begins.Centre-legs are pre-surfaced with spray-

A further wood-plate cut, marked onNow, also the remaining outer-feet are at the
20th of July 2004.. same level .

Leia is visiting the construction site..

The outer-feet get the thickened shape. Here you see the space
for the leg-positioning motor.

The leg-positioning mo-Parade of the outer-legs.
tor in the approximately
later position.

With the oval boxes.

Finally on own feet!


© Thomas Riedel 2004
Photos: Jürgen Vogel & Thomas Riedel